Flora: Digital Greenhouse

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Flora: Digital Greenhouse is the brainchild of Amelia Scott & Joel Adria. This interactive installation is pop-up digital greenhouse, a conservatory of alien flora. A world contained, it is waiting to be discovered! Viewers can leave reality at the door and enter a new ecosystem where nature and technology have become one. Get curious and explore this interactive garden of light and sound or relax, allow your senses to wander, and let the plants discover you.

Amelia Scott and Joel Adria Publicity Photoboth have roots in the performing arts and are graduates of theatre  production programs. Scott and Adria found their passion for interactive experiences while working together at The Banff Centre.

Scott remains involved in the theatre community, most recently at the helm of the multi-projector system of Ghost River/Alberta Theatre Projects’ production The Last VoyIMG_2826age of
Donald Crowhust in Calgary. Adria is the faculty projection technologist at The Banff Centre. Adria is also the video director with Helen Lawrence, a cinematic stage play directed by Stan Douglas.

The Digital Greenhouse is on display in Calgary and Edmonton September 2015.

Beakerhead Calgary

When: Saturday, September 19th 8pm-11:30pm (Beakernight)
Where: 1615 10 Ave SW 10th Ave SW Calgary
Facebook Event     Beakernight Page

Nuit Blanche Edmonton

When: Friday, September 25 7pm-10pm,
Saturday, September 26 7pm-4am
Where: 100 Street and 103 Avenue Edmonton
(West side of City Hall).
Facebook Event     Nuit Blanche Website

The Digital Greenhouse could not have been possible without the support of Nuit Blanche Edmonton, Edmonton Arts Council, and Alberta Culture Days.

Interested in having The Digital Greenhouse at your event? Flora is ready for touring and exhibition! Contact us for more information.

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